22 April 2008

The RED girl

Back to Munich. I feel home.... the very feeling I had when I landed in Frankfurt was as good as the one I had when I had reached Kerala. I did breath in all the air I could - my way of welcoming myself to the land.

My new appartment partner looks like a very nice girl. A girl who loves red. Plates, bowls, spatula, napkin, candle, tooth-brush, cushion ... everything everything.. is red.

She reads a lot, she loves languages.... keeps the place too clean..... loves to chat.. Even though she is not even 18, she shows the maturity of a much older person.

The first signs show that this would be a good partnership.

All the same, there are some small little issues which could crop up. Anyway, I was tired to the core last night. Couldn't talk longer to know things better.

Well, I am sure that I am going to have a wonderful time here. Altogether, the red girl is very good.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Too busy right now to write lots of other stuff which I want to. May be later...


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