23 June 2008

Aiyooo Aiyyaayyoooo...!

George appointed a new assistant for him.. a cute(?) girl.

He doesn't need Gregory anymore... what a pity!

In the beginning, I never used to like Gregory.. but like Rinsy, I too like him now. Ok, poor guy, let's hope that things will turn good for him.

Well.. I've written about some characters in the Malayalam soap-(comedy)-serial Akkarakkazhchakal. One of the rare serials which is still good after 20 episodes.

There are not many around me with whom I could sit and watch this serial. If you have time, why don't you watch it too. {Pre-requisite: Decent Malayalamkenntnisse ;) }

I am not a TV person, but since this is only 10 mins/week and since it is really good and also since I can watch it any time I want, I keep watching it.

More later, Sands.


A Liberated Soul said...

Where did my previous comment go?

A Liberated Soul said...

So now you are telling me that I have a boring template on my blog? I checked final sense web. I have changed my templates twice before. After a while, I somehow start feeling that the template doesn't suit my theme of blog. And I came back to the current one.

Maybe I am looking for a customized one. Something which is clicked just for my blog.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


There wasn't any previous comment.

I am not telling that you have a boring template. Since you had mentioned earlier that you are not that tech-savvy, I thought you might make use of that link.

No more un-solicited helps. :)


A Liberated Soul said...

Ayyo! Angane parayaruthu! :)


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