9 June 2008

The local packet-station

At 7:30, I heard the bell ringing. I was in the shower and was sure that the REDGIRL would be sleeping. I wrapped the towel around and opened the door. No one was there. Then I realized that the bell was from ground-floor and I knew who it would be. I pressed the button and he replied - "POST". Just as I had expected.

Isn't 7:30 in the morning a little too early for post? Well, he came up and delivered my packet and then two more packets - for some other guys in the same building. Then he would go and put a notice in their pigeon-holes that their packets are with me, so that they can collect from me.

This happens a few times every week. Even when there are no packets for us, he comes and delivers packets for others. This German DHL guy even knows my name and how to spell it - he has to get my signature for confirmation of delivery and he writes my name every time.

Note: It's not an easy thing to remember my surname which is full of "A", "D" and "N" - without making mistakes (Even Indians make a mess out of "SADANANDAN"). Yeah, practice makes man perfect. :)


We have a designated place for those packets - which is our local DHL-packet-station. Well, I wanted to take a picture of this place and figured that it might be interesting to show the surroundings too - full of footwear.

Most of the footwear belong to my app-mate. A pair of roller-skates belong to me.

I was wondering, why would this selected person be me? But today I figured it out! Perhaps ours is the one of the few apartments where someone is awake when he comes to deliver the packets. Most of our neighbors wake up at 10-11, even my app-mate. :)

Time to go to Uni. Signing off, Sands.



ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Why the DHL man found you as the apt person, because he know the truth about the Indians - Once got produced, the Indinas are the best for delivering and distributing the products!

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