1 July 2008

Love at First .....

I am not a very strong believer of love at first sight, but it is not improbable that love at first sight works*.

Love at first sight takes you a long way through the relationship in a single second, even before you realise it yourself. It is something like "Well begun is half done".

Well, that is not the topic. Blog .. blog is the thing which I want to discuss. There are some blogs with which you fall in love easily. They simply sweep you off your feet; after reading a few entries, you might fall in love with the unknown author as well. The author might turn out to be a lover in real life as well.

All these things do happen and have happened too.

But this time, I have read just one ... a single post in a blog and I am in love with the author. Without knowing the author, I am not sure whether I want her to be my partner. But I am sure that she is the one I should want as my children's mother.

Do I sound really stupid? Well, I too know that. But if you can read Malayalam, take some time to read this blog-entry here. Wouldn't you want your children's mother to be this young lady - who already cares a lot about her child, who is yet to come to the world? Mother and Child

Well, not just that.. what she wrote about the society too was impressive - which shows that she is at least a bit of a good person too.

So, this could be the thing what they tell - "Love at first read".. :)

Am I
(1) Just crazy? OR
(2) Just crazy?
I think, the second one - Just Crazy! :)

Signing off, Sands.

* Some of my readers might find it a bit tough to unwind the "not improbable that it works". Just wanted to tell that love at first sight does indeed work out in many cases.

PS: Apologies to my non-mallu readers. The entry I mentioned was from a lady who has written about and for her child who is not even in her womb yet. :)

Picture Courtesy: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/29/Mother-Child_face_to_face.jpg



Sharu.... said...
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Sharu.... said...

I am taking this as a compliment for my post. Thank you

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Super post Sands.

Sharu, You are the star. Congrats !

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

It's my pleasure! :)

Thanks! :)