8 September 2008

From Close to Closer

First of all, a smile for you... :) .... Now read on!

Are you guys bored that I almost never complain here? Bored with something like "life is beautiful"? If yes, then you may want to leave now. Because I think, once again, Life is beautiful! :)

I was at my German teacher's [D] ancestral home - over the weekend - along with a fellow student and her husband. Before I started from home, I thought - "Well, this weekend I will have to speak everything in German". And yes, I did. Even though I showed only one tenth of my talkativeness, I did manage well.

The weekend gave me time and opportunity to reflect over a couple of things. I just identified a few things which make me a little different from most others. My interests, passions, dreams, knowledge and even point of view. I am so glad that I am like how I am! :) [ Three times "I am" in a single sentence!]

My concept of a German family too underwent change. The picture I had was not as good as what I saw with my own eyes. The family was wonderful. D's parents were very nice, her brothers very friendly and she herself was of course as sweet as always! :)Grill Place

There was a grill party on Saturday evening. Awesome! After about cycling 50 kms, any food would have tasted very good to me; any place to sit would have been good enough.

But when it was grilled meat, that was the best I could ever have asked for. That too in open air, sitting by the side of a river! :) - Paradise, Bliss! :)

The picture here is taken from the grill place. (Sunday, early morning)

There was an invisible but experience-able division among the four of us. My friend and her husband together, D and I together - not always, but mostly. Good for me, for I did have quality conversations with D, for she is very knowledgeable, smart, clever and speaks well too.Backyard of her house

Even after reaching Munich, I and D went for a coffee (Sunday evening, nothing much to do). Sitting in the cafe, we spoke for a long time - about lot of things. I always had had lot of respect and love for her. I have always felt her close to my heart.

I feel much closer now - after the weekend and especially those long conversations we had during this time. Such a wonderful person.

And finally a small sentence which she said, did touch me! :)

Life is beautiful, if you have such people around you! Right?

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: The only small (very small) problem was that my classmate's husband was a little possessive about her. Especially when it came to me! ;) A couple of times, I was at the brink of snapping one or two dialogues. But then, I am decent - I keep my level. That's it. But I did enjoy that 'irritating someone' part. [nasty I, right?]

PS2: After a long time, last night I had a dream - a friend of mine (chocolate seller) has sent me an email in which he has listed 125 problems he is facing in life and his take on each of them. Asking for my opinions. He has also promised me to send the rest of the problems in subsequent emails! -- what a strange dream to have!

PS3: Those two chairs were in the backyard of the house. I found them cute! :)


A Liberated Soul said...


asha said...

I envy u...the way u live ur life... :)

that mom n daughter chairs superb!!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@Liberated Soul

Thanks! :)

Is this the *revenge* of all my smiles which I never explained? ;)


Thanks! :)

I too liked that picture very much.

A Liberated Soul said...

Trust me Sands, I have always liked what was never explained. I never do too most of the time.

A Liberated Soul said...

I forgot.....Wish you a happy onam! ;)

Surya said...

check your mailbox. knowing him, its prolly not a dream, but a premonition!


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


I Smile again! :) ;)
Thanks for the wishes!


LOL!! for the comment.
Saw the email too. :)