20 September 2008

Ice Breaker! :)

I wouldn't be in the blogosphere for the coming 10 days. It will make that a looooooong break and I will need to have a wonderful post to break the ice.

So, I am putting these pictures, so that there wouldn't be any long silence. ;) I am finding reasons to put my paintings! :)

Tomorrow is the Onam Celebration of the Malayali group of Munich. And these paintings of mine are going to be on the back wall of the stage... to make it non-blank! :) Isn't it great?

[forgive me for those magnets .. which are used to keep the pictures to my white board] :)


This one actually took about 90 minutes plus, where as I had wanted it to be a fast work.

The one below is a fast work - about 40-50 minutes and I am proud of it! :)


Needless to say: The pictures are copyrighted. No one may use these pictures for any money-making purposes -- without written permission from me! (Who am I? M F Hussain or what? OR Van Gogh himself?)

That's it my friends!

Till later, Signing off, Sands. [2:40 at night :( ]

PS: The pictures are good, aren't they? :)


dinil-divakaran said...

Good ones!

Have (and give ;)) a nice time at your destination.

Anonymous said...

kollaam, nannaayittundu.


Hailstone said...


That crease in the middle of the paper could've avoided. Anganeyanenkil onnu koode nannakumaayirunnu ennu thonunnu.

Anonymous said...

pictures are really nice.
why you are away for 10 days?

A Liberated Soul said...

Wow! So there is much more left to see.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Thanks.. And ofcourse, we are having a nice time. I and he are having the rest of our email conversations. :) [big time arguments ;) ]


@Stone, Hailstone
Well, the size of the picture is 3x5 square feet. I didn't get such a huge paper. So the crease is actualy the connection/edge lines of papers.


Thanks! :)

I am at Amsterdam for the coming 4 days. Even when I get back, I should be busy for the weekend! - with no internet


May be (a looooot more to see) ;)
And thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice ones but not as good as your leaf pics..


asha said...

ingane kazhivukal parasyamaakkaruth..
aarengilum kannu vekkum..:)