3 September 2008

Angry at myself and CHROME

For about the past 10 days, I am behaving highly irresponsible. There were quite a number of things which I should never have avoided or never could have afforded to forget. But I did. I could give my relocation as one reason - but that is not a reason.. it's just an excuse.  [Luckily, the consequences weren't that bad :) ]

I don't mean to say that I was behaving like a total idiot. Just that I was a little bit of an idiot ;)

A little less vigilant than usual. A little less planned about what to be done on the next day. Just a little floating state. Hmm.. not really able to express. I guess, I can do that once in a blue moon .. or rather once in many blue moons!

But after getting back to my normal level today morning, I realised that I had forgotten to attend an important meeting; I had misplaced the key for my new house one day (which made me search for 10-15 minutes); I forgot to close the door of my new house yesterday. So after reaching heights of absent mindedness, I shook myself awake today morning. :) Totally ready for anything now. :)

--- Chrome ---

The rest of it is a little technical! I have been planning to separate tech-and-non-tech stuff in two blogs; I do even have one tech blog. But this is for a wider audience - something which my tech blog doesn't enjoy! :(

So, CHROME - the browser from Google is out. Yet another reason to stick with MS-Windows (available only in this platform)

First of all, I didn't like the name. The name is not smooth and also that it gives some different feel. But that is not really that important. Just that, I would have given a name like "feather" or similar - for a light weight browser. [(Provided it doesn't become an Oxymoron later ;) ]

Except for the dislike for name, I seem to like it.

Any single software which I have tried at BETA level, I have been able to find bugs. All the beta-stand-alone software, I had been able to crash within first few minutes. That is the way I usually decide to continue to use it or not.

IE7, IE8, Firefox, Office12 -- almost everything - I have crashed in the betas - mostly easily. Even with gmail (which is still in beta), I had once found a bug.

But I haven't been able to break chrome yet. It looks pretty fast (no benchmarking .. but the feel and my own personal testing***)

Still there are a few things to point out.

  1. Personally, I close most of the windows by double clicking at the left top icon thing on every window. Chrome lacks that.
  2. In the history page, once loaded, the search box should be focused - which is not the case. Also that "/" could be used for search (after all, it's from Google)
  3. No way of managing bookmarks - which is something on very high priority. (which I am sure they are working on)
  4. The refresh button is on the left side of the URL(address) as in Firefox. It would have been better if it were on the right side of URL - for me it is of more logical flow. (You type the address, then refresh it if needed. Why would you put it on the left (behind) the address?)

Well, my final take is to use it for a few days and see. As a big time beta-testing fan, I shouldn't lose the opportunity.

Signing off,

*** : Personal testing (Could be a little technical)

One of my simple testing is this. In the browser, there are auto-populating lists. [Example] Something like when I type "abs", the list populates all the searches starting with "abs" -- "absent", "absolute"... etc.

My challenge is that I try to type fast that the browser cannot guess what I might want and before the browser brings in the word, I am done.

IE fails mostly, FF fails almost always. but Chrome (till now - meaning the list is small) stands the test. (this is again a *feel-factor* :) )

Let me wait and see! :)


asha said...


I ve neve practised the first point which u told..i dint even kno abt that before..jus now tried..fine..but one doubt..we r using mouse with our right hand rt?so it s more comfortable to use tht top right close button than the left top rt?anyways im feeling so..jus now i tried alot with both cases..may be coz of my practise close button is easier for me.. but i should thank u for tht piece of informn.. :)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

The fact that we are using our right hand for mouse does NOT necessarily mean that the mouse pointer is always on the right side!

In fact, most of the things the user clicks frequently are on the left half. (Icons, Start-button, FILE-menu, Folders in explorer, (inbox,outbox etc in email client) etc. etc. etc.)

So left corner looks close enough.

Even otherwise, to move to the left top corner, it is usually a movement of less than 1-2 inches. :)

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Of course, at times, we can afford to be floating and flowing aimlessly for some time...
So don't worry too much about that. We must allow ourselves to relax !

And let CHROME not let you crash it!

I think you should have liked the name.
The word 'CHROME' relates some colour. And colour is pleasing, isn't?

A Liberated Soul said...

I skipped the technical part ;)

And hey I checked the finalsense website once again to change my template. But I didnt like any. I guess I am too boring.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


As I said in a previous entry about the perfectionism, this kind of *floating times* make me a little angry at myself.

Well... Chrome is colour related .. still it is a little less-soft in my thoughts.. :)

@Liberated Soul.

I am in the *panippura* of a technical blog (which you inspired) -- which ofcourse will be readable for laymen.

and The finalsense!! :(
May be you aren't that boring.. but you have very high standards! (Who knows!!)