3 May 2006

Lack of energy

Tired... I feel tired.. not physically.. mentally. kind of exhausted. why? in no mood to read anything.. even if it is a novel. just want to go home and sleep. Slumber... is a short death... (Prof. Ramachandran, sem-5 economics told this). Yes, the same fellow who gave us the great idea of "Feelings are to be expressed... not to be suppressed".

Might be because I need to revamp myself. It was really tiring yesterday.. Yes, When you start coming to university in your bike(here cycle is called bike!! so what is bike called? - motor-bike) and if the university is some 14-15 kms away from your home and if you start improptu race with some strong guy with lot of stamina, you ought to be tired. And not sleeping enough!!! You almost spoiled one day of yours. (Am I finding out reasons for not understanding what is Dickson's Lemma?)

Let me go home soon. Tonight too is going to be bad.. Balaji has asked me to join him at his room... i think there is going to be some celebrations. Donno what it is going to be. Before going I have to have my dinner... As per my plan today I thought of making some prawn-special item. I have prawns at home :)

Keeping a journal now gives me a nice feeling. Still I am not able to write all my thoughts without hesitation. Yes that happens... If I am sure that what I feel is not going to make them happy .. I can avoid them knowing that. Still I am cruel... (???) Why cant I avoid such thoughts?? Then where is my existence? The problem starts from being illogical. The moment you start seeing things logical, things will be fine. Give priorities to things and sort them accordingly. Have all of them materialistically prioritized. (Ya, I know this is not 100% possible... so there are no absolutes? - ha ha ha). Then understand the following theory

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

"It's not the spoon which is bending. It's you what is bending" - this was really a cool thing I learned from Matrix. And the best part is, I am able to put it into practice almost always. It's always the perception. For more details see "There is NO SPOON". The other day.. I was going to Alappuzha. The "amma" devotee shoby-chettan and I had a debate. It was nice to see him stopping the arguement, once I told - "Your mind is the MOST flexible thing you can ever find". This is the theory behind spoon and mind. (The readers are completely confused - I know)

Vimal... feels like talking to you. We need to get this google talk ready for our talks. These days I was more into dangerous things like Google-M$-OpenSource stuff. No way this helps us. More over... first time in my life I did that which I shouldnt have done - I was being emotional while arguing. For me, the "fundamental law of arguement" is to be non-emotional while arguing. Use ur brain all the time while arguing. I was being emotional abt M$. No!! I shouldnt have been doing that. The disadvantages of emotional arguements can be learned from EP (Temple-Belief-Business) and Karthik (Interstate children - Nanditha Das). I shall write the stories some day.

So, time to go home. Let me hurry....
By the way.... Now I know why I wasnt interested in anything... I had to talk.. I had to let all these thoughts flow out of me.. to keep me fresh. Bye for now.

- sands.


Anonymous said...

Nice post :)

Net connection down at home. Disconnected. Thinking of moving to a different service provider.


joyofnothing said...

he he...related with urs. Actually i saw ur post. Then i forgot abt it. When i was jobless, i read a blog abt her (coincidence) and then i thought of writing a blog..