9 January 2009

Critical Time

I think that most people would call it a bit of crisis-situation, if they knew my present status. Well, it should be called a self-made crisis. I am taking up lot of responsibilities which I necessarily don't need to. But trust me, it IS fun to get crushed! ;)

Sometime in the past, I had made it my policy - "Compromise Not", which has made things a little tighter. I am just not ready to leave anything, anything which I want to do/achieve; and ((un)fortunately) I want to do/learn so many things - some totally unrelated to my publicly-declared-fields-of-interest.

A bit of sociology, more than a bit of philosophy, juggling, etc. are some of the new items. The first two require a lot of reading - which I am doing a little; and the last one needs loads of practicing - which I am not doing! ;)

The other day, I was listing out the small little things I want to do, to a friend. After telling her, I was just happy that when I get around these things, I'd have grown up a LOT. So, for the same reason, I call it the critical time of my life, during which I am learning lot of stuff.

The fun part is that, all these things, which are taking up a lot of my precious time, could be dropped anytime. No pressure on me - no pressure at all. But remember : "No Compromise". Do stuff; learn new things; achieve things; make it BIG. What is wrong in dreaming, if I am more than willing to put the effort to materialise my dreams!? And, trust me again, IT IS FUN. At the end of day, you have some kind of thrill! :)

Along with my list of things, I have, at present, my major philosophical confusion. Especially in the past 4-6 months, my reading has gone really wide (wild) and mostly about the stuff that matters. The clash of ideal world and real world and practical world and even some virtual worlds ;) . Well, now some of my readers might be thinking that these are the stuff which don't matter. Perhaps....!  ;)

So, now I come back from useless abstract things to the mundane world! ;)

After the accident, till date, I was not able to give due importance and attention to any of my blogs - neither English, Malayalam nor German was updated regularly. Now I am back - officially.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I used to think that I think out-of-the-box. But I realize that the first box in which the majority of people stay and of which I am outside is inside another box. Now I have to get out of that box too. But if I am not inside any box, then it will be too bad.

PPS: There are people out there - with crazy ideas. I am reading two books:

  1. "Cultural Software - A Theory of Ideology"
  2. "How the mind works"

The kind of things people know! I have finished just one chapter each. Would take ages before I finish them, if at all I do finish them. But I would have witnessed so many dramatic debates inside my head before putting them down. Looking forward to getting someone to argue with. :)


Bindhu Unny said...

Nice to know that you've recovered completely. :-)

A Liberated Soul said...


A Liberated Soul said...

Hmm...means I dont get serious stuff...For eg:

You: 'Hey you know what I am reading the book 'Cultural software'

Me: 'Huh! You mean softwares also have a culture?'

You: 'No gal! I am talking about 'A theory of ideology' the book 'Cultural software' itself'.

Me: 'Oh yes yes! I get that. A theory of i-d-e-o-l-o-g-y right! Yes Yes! The cultural software. Ya Ya! Good job. Keep it up!'

Silly me! Well, did I really write so much in ur comments section?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

:) :)
Thanks :)

My mother and sister too have complained that the entry was not comprehensible. :(

I shall try to improve! :)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Surprisingly, your comment here is longer than 3 or 4 of your posts put together ;)

A Liberated Soul said...


Anonymous said...

Your thought of "out of box thinking " shows that u think out of "out of box"..Great!!

Hiran said...

"thinking out of the box" has been abused a lot. This is not regarding your post.

It is just the simple plain logic, which people face it difficult to accept (adapt, understand), when seen in others, describe it as "thinking out of the box".

People don't realize that there are so many other factors associated with how people think, and how it is `made to look` or `looked upon` as `thinking out of the box`.