28 January 2009

Letting others decide for me!

A small little smile at you… just for you! :) Now continue reading.. :)

Let me break the good news first! – the post is not a long one.  :)

Once again I am relocating. I have stopped counting my relocations. The only unusual part is that I am coming back to the same place where I had lived in 2007.  End of this topic.

From the times during which one had to carry his own music collection, we have come to the age of YouTube – go click on the playlist (created by someone somewhere in the planet) and just listen/watch the songs. Technology and Internet have brought such pleasures to our lives.

Well, YouTube even offers “videos recommended for you”. Not surprising though, the songs are of my taste. So, that’s what I am doing lately. Whenever I feel like listening to songs, I just go to YouTube main page and they have recommendations for me. GREAT!

I do enjoy this special personalised treatment. Life becomes so easy right?  (Really?)

At the same time, I am also worried about What the Web Knows About You (worth reading). Some day I should expect recommendations like “things for you to buy”, “the best things to make you happy” etc. Personally targeted advertisements which I wouldn’t even be able to recognise, let alone refuse! (Scary.. right?)

Signing off, Sands.

PS : Yesterday, I played my “recommended list” (which is mostly malayalam film songs from 1980s) and came to kitchen. After a couple of songs, hearing Tamil dialogue, I went to check out what is going on. It was “Ankita wearing Sari” – which was a little hot stuff recommended for me! :P  - Awesome right? ;)


asha said...

1.Pic of that moving house is so sweeet.. :)
2.I read "what the web knows about you"..godde...really shocked..
Here is a post
which you should read..
3."Ankita wearing saree".. :) :)

A Liberated Soul said...


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Thanks. (that pic is just from somewhere)


Anonymous said...

Seems like the pic was created for you.. Cool one.

Hope, you don't have to change this place before you are again in your legs (i mean, fit enough to jump around)

And the youtube recommendations .. hehe .. is funny;)