20 January 2009

Ogling and Speed Test

Straight to business... :) [Warning: Long one]

This is a train-incident. First I shall tell you how the underground-trains in Munich are. 

In the middle, there is a way to walk through. On both sides, there are seats. The seats are arranged in groups of four. And the side walls are mostly glass. The picture here might give a better idea. (Couldn't find any better picture in the web)

Last Saturday, which was a very sunny day, I was going to the city. I was sitting with other three men, in my four seat cubicle. I saw a girl boarding the train. She was really beautiful.. Gorgeous!

She came and stood, facing us, in the pathway just by our 4-seat cubicle. Now, we all four males are looking at her... I should perhaps use the word ogling. She took her sunglasses and wore them. She was looking at her reflection in the side-glass. She started adjusting her hair, dress, sunglasses....

For a moment, I took my eyes off her and looked at my fellow travelers - just to make sure that I was not alone! And I wasn't! ;)

But it all happened suddenly. The train jerked a bit. She lost her stand and was falling ... then the train jerked in the other direction and the fall was to the other direction.... The train was shaking a bit and she totally lost her control. She held somewhere and very soon went, sat in the one of the seats a little away.

A moment after she left, we looked at each other and burst into laughter. I don't know why... but it all was funny. We simply couldn't stop laughing. Was it just the anti-climax we just had witnessed? Or was it the nice thing of ogling at her together? I don't know! But we simply knew that we all were partners in crime and also enjoyed all of it! ;)

Train journeys always have something like this, some little thing to enjoy. And I love those small little things.

Speed Test:-

I was watching a show in which someone does fast math - which he calls mathemagic. He tries (and does) squaring/multiplying big numbers in his mind. First he starts with two digit numbers, then three digit, four digit and even five digit numbers - within a few seconds/minute. He even does this thing of telling the day-of-the-week for any given date.

I tried the same. I generated random numbers (two and three digit numbers) and timed my MENTAL MATH. ;)

Well, the result is a little disappointing. :( .. I don't know the average time taken by a normal man though.

For any two 2 digit numbers, I need, on an average 15-20 seconds to multiply them. Squaring is faster though. I tried it in a medium-crowded train. And it was my first trial to do something like this. So I expect to bring the time down to less than 10 seconds for multiplying any two digit numbers - with practice and without much distraction.

But, for three digit numbers, I took about 2 minutes per every multiplication. I want to improve to reach a level of one multiplication per minute.

And for dates and days I don't know exactly how long do I take. But given any date, I can give the day-of-the-week in less than 2 minutes - and I consider it an achievement. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I was accused of complex stuff and complicated language. Am I better now?


Anonymous said...

Okay now here is an exercise for you..Tell me which day is March 27th 1985..If u got this correct then tell me the way to got it.. :)

I have read somewhere that ogling is good for health and it is equivalent to 10min exercise :) may be written by some naughty guy..
laughing is also good hor health rt?
look, how girls are helping even strangers to maintain their health!!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

I calculated it in mind - took about 10-15 seconds. My result said Wednesday.

Then I checked it in calendar and was happy to see that I was right! :)

Regarding Ogling: There are emails like that. But I have never seen any real-believable source.

Anonymous said...

Day calculation : Great!!its correct..ur post inspired me to study that trick...lemme start it now itself.. :)
ogling :even i havent seen any real-believable source..thats y i told it may be written by some naughty boy..

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. The train incident is funny. I too had a very similar experience long back.

date to day conversion trick is cool.. got to learn it...


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@Anonymous Coward [courtsey: /. ]



The kutti kutti incidents make life more enjoyable! :)