8 April 2009

Dying Plants and New Soil (D+)

In some of my earlier posts, I had shown the pictures of my office. I shall put the one picture here as well.

The plants you see here are slowly dying. It is now a long time since they have been taking all the nutrients they need from the very same soil in which they stand and now the soil in those pots must be good for nothing – with no nutrients left.

I cannot deny that there was some carelessness from my side too. I cannot claim to have been watering them really regularly. And they were more or less avoided during the times of my absence (especially the 6 weeks during Oct-Dec last year).

So, now the spring is here and the time to change the soil has come. But, when I think of the prospect of changing the soil, I am a bit reluctant. The main reason is that I have to buy the soil for it. Buying soil is something which I am not really able to accept.  (no, it’s not the price)

Coming from a village in Kerala, I have always played and have had as much soil as I have ever wanted. I cannot bring myself to be paying for soil. Is feels as if I have to pay for some fundamental right.

It is something like paying for you own mom’s love. Well, I accept the difference between a village in Kerala and a metropolitan city in Germany; and finally I am ready to buy new soil for my plants. 

I have found a soil-sack in the supermarket – 30 litres (mostly compost). I shall buy a sack.

I shall buy a little more soil than I would need for those plants in my office. I have always wanted to have a good rose at home. I shall buy a huge pot and plant a red-rose this year.

I am not good at watering the plants regularly – but I shall keep it alive and see it flowering.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Why am I getting a feeling that this post is boring? (Perhaps because it actually is boring) :) .. That’s why I gave the grade D+ for the post (look at title) :)


Sakeeb said...

This post is not actually boring compared to some of your previous posts.. Just kidding :-P.

now you have some soil, but no land in germany.

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