16 April 2009

The Thin Line

They, three police officers, got out of the train – one female officer and two male officers. Walking towards the escalator, the two male officers ushered the lady officer to the escalator, thereby giving her the chance to go first.

I wasn’t close to them. But I am sure that they would have said “after you” to her. Well, she refused to accept their chivalry. But they were sure that they wanted her to go first and she happily got in the escalator first and the other two followed.

Nice, isn’t it?

Women are to be treated equal. But a bit of chivalry is always good. It is actually treating women as first among equals.

But the nice thing which is chivalry is separated from chauvinism by a thin line. Sometimes, being nice is taken in the wrong sense. My dear lady readers, please don’t take it offensive if someone is being nice to you.

Just accept the nicety and be happy about it. For a simple thing, the fair sex seem to enjoy the acts of having the doors opened, having the groceries carried etc. much more than men enjoy it.  And most men are happy about treating the ladies nicely. (Well, when I say *most*, I am talking about most of the men I know – including myself).chivalrous

And after all, being treated as lesser beings for ages, now perhaps women should enjoy a bit of chivalry.

Well, that doesn’t mean that they should be silent against chauvinism. Beware of the thin line which separates good and bad. Raise your voice when required. Fortunately, men are becoming more understandable and reasonable! :) (no reason to raise your voice then.)

By the way, all of you know the story of that picture – right? (well, nowadays men won’t do that, but would happily carry you ;) )

Well, as a matter of fact, in my department (institute), we are all men and we always compete to open the doors for each other and let others pass. You see, we are nice to all. And a bit more nice to women.

Well, that small incident is the trigger for the whole post. Isn’t it nice? that I can develop a small thread to a long post? I am becoming a good blogger! :)

Signing off, Sands.


Anonymous said...

yes, indeed you have successfully developed that small thread to a long post.

I am a lady reader of yours. From my experience, most of the men treat very nicely to ladies.

Asha said...

It is just mid of the month and you have already posted 5 articles.Ha!!You are both a good and frequent blogger..Aware of the evil eyes :)

Sakeeb said...

nowadays men won’t do that, but would happily carry you ;) ) - Lol.

That picture reminds me of a English text book in Primary school which had a chapter about good manners and this particular thing was mentioned there.

sujiknair said...

:) Very cool idea from the sun...