1 April 2009

A Quickie (which turned to a long one)

I had been to the city this evening – it was totally unplanned. The spring is officially here and the sun is out. So I went (in my T-shirt and shorts). Odeonslion

I stood there in front of the lions at Odeonsplatz and simply smiled, sang, whistled, laughed! Standing there again without a jacket – it was like a dream coming true. I looked to Leopold street and wanted to take a picture. Then I congratulated myself for deliberately leaving my camera and mobile phone. I shouldn’t have missed the enjoyment/beauty of that moment by clicking pictures.

diesonneI had been receiving reports from other parts of the country that the sun was spotted there and people in Munich were desperate to have a glimpse of ‘her’ (Sun is a lady in German). My emotions were running low – because of the prolonged winter and for the worry of sun having forgotten Munich ;) . 

Now everything is just fine and I am as energetic as one can be. Without being able to run or jump-around I still feel a bit handicapped though.

Well, so the thing is I went to the book-shop. This is already April and I wanted to have my share of books. March was a good month in terms of reading – I finished Wuthering heights (it deserves an whole post for itself), How would you move Mt. Fuji, The parenting book (about random 10 of the 21 tricks) and one-fourth of “Emperor's New Mind”.

But I picked no book today. The book I had wanted to buy wasn’t available – I had given one hour’s thought before deciding to buy it or not. And finally when I decided to, the book is not there. NOT THERE!theperson

So I almost picked a book which I want to give someone. But then I would read that book (again) and I cannot give it as new/fresh. So kept it down. That person deserves it fresh and I want to give it new! :) So, I’ll buy it just before I meet her. 

And then I controlled my urge to buy some random book. I almost decided on Echolalias – but figured that it would be too philosophical for me and also I didn’t like the writing. (Too many brackets and quotes – (‘single quotes’, “double quotes”))

And then I walked in the sun for sometime and headed back home! :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Parents were angry at the English teacher, why? Because their children received a mere “C”. They said - “Our neighbours’ children have ‘C’ too but it’s fine, because they are ‘average’ children. But OUR child!?”.

PPS: Congrats to the smart fellow who landed in Google as an Intern. :)

PPPS: The post was meant to be a quickie…. but it just got long! :)


Anonymous said...

i love the sunny weather too :)

(it even reached usseln)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


The sun reached here after everywhere. :(

But the good thing is - In Muenchen ist sie wieder zu sehen. :)

Sakeeb said...

Sun is not visible at night here.. Otherwise its mostly doing its ramp parade..

Bangalore is hotter this year.. But In kerala (atleast in Kannur, the land of NatButs) I felt its "cooler" compared to last year.. I didn't sweat much when I was there two weeks back.

Anonymous said...

gosh!!! Everything about the article is cool.. but the PPS!!

You didn't see the update in my blog ?? :O


Arun said...

A quickie? dude...didnt you get any other title?!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


:) "Ramp Parade" - liked it! :)


You know what? I did think that it could be April Fool's thing. But as you thought, I took it for March 31.

And according to my best belief, these things work better the other way around - breaking the surprise should be the happy news... rather than telling that the happy new was false!

@ Arun...

Quickie is a word like "Gay". Originally in the normal context, but hijacked by 'sex' :)