24 July 2009

Bottle with two necks

A year ago or so, I was at the first neck of the bottle. I am talking about the language bottle. I could understand most of the conversations in German, but I couldn’t have been an active partner.

Time flew and I came out of that neck to the world where I can speak German. A million thanks to those two ladies who helped me a lot. Apparently, along with my skills, the friendships too grew stronger. Perhaps we were learning to express ourselves better.

Now, I am stuck in the second neck. I can manage to speak if I choose to. But my talkative nature is non-existent when I enter the German world. :)I don’t want to get stuck here, you know? Something like I want to talk, but I don’t want to.

If I want to be active in group conversations, then I need to start with single partner conversations. My principle (from IIT days) about languages is acting like a small hindrance. 

I don’t like to choose a language because I can learn it better. I choose the language more comfortable to both the persons, so that the conversation is of higher quality.

Unlike past years, many many Germans happen to speak English and then my aforementioned principle makes me speak in English. Should I hunt for people who don’t speak English? or should I rethink about the stubborn principle?

Whatever might be the choice, I am going to be a good orator in German too. Wait and see. Let me get out of this neck as well. I might want to start with some books. Should I look for suggestions? or simply choose for myself? Or newspaper?

I am not setting a deadline for myself. But I am going to put this thing on the top of my list. Then, in a few months’ time, I am going to start with French.

I don’t like this post. I am in a little melancholic mood. Still, since I wrote it, I let it stay.

I wish you all a great weekend.

Signing off, Sands.


Abhilash said...

I think there is nothing bad with the post.

I learnt french during my school days and that was one of my subjects. I was not able to continue it to my engineering but you are lucky to have a german language brust your vocal cord..


Bindhu Unny said...

Good luck man! To get out of the second neck. :-)