14 July 2009

The corridor has Alleppey

Balleppey-backwatersefore you frown, let me say that I am not intending to use the name Alappuzha right now in my English blog. I stick with the good old name Alleppey. 

We, mallus (or even Indians) are such hypocrites – we use English words in every sentence except for the prepositions and conjunctions but cannot accept the names of the cities, some of which were named by British who couldn’t perhaps pronounce the original ones.

I live here in a country, where people resist, much more than mallus, the infiltration of English (foreign) words to their language  (perhaps not as much as the Tamil and French). Even these people don’t seem to have problems with our calling the city of München as Munich, or calling their country Germany when it is Deutschland for them.

But we cannot accept the English names of cities and change the names of them when we keep forgetting the last “M”of KeralaM.

If you ever listened to Radiodumdum, you’d know their trademark slogan thing - “Tune to Radiodumdum, the first internet Malayalam radio” – yes they praise/advertise-for themselves in English for being the “first Malayalam channel”. What an irony! isn’t it?

So, what is all about the post title and all the rants I wrote above. Actually nothing. I just got lost in the state/city name.

A couple of days ago, on my way to the very bathroom alleppey1I’ve been using for the past couple of months, I saw a picture on the corridor wall. Well, the unique beauty of Kerala(m) made it easy to pinpoint the location.   (I hadn’t noticed the picture every before).

The picture was of backwaters in Alleppey. I just had a look at it and was surprised. How can a not-so-great, normal picture of Alleppey happen to be in an average house in a small German city?  And I knew I wasn’t wrong because, there isn’t any place in the whole universe to confuse with any place in Kerala(m). The greenery and lush is obviously unique.

Apparently, my house owner’s daughter had been to India in 1991 or so. She was there in Kerala too. And the photo is of course from Alleppey. So, the corridor has Alleppey.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Half asleep blogging – too long one as well.

PPS: The pictures here are just from the internet. The picture on the wall is not here.


Anonymous said...

Reading the first half of the article I was wondering about your ability to write by chaining paragraphs to a small thread..

And yes, Alappuzha is really beautiful.


Bindhu Unny said...

So you got a bit of Alleppey in Germany. :-)
Obsession about (any) language is superficial, I think. After all, language is for communication. :-)

A Liberated Soul said...

Alappuzha has memories. I want a monsoon there. I might be a write then.

Sigh! You made me think.

rocksea said...

wow that is great to know. yes, alappuzha is famous here in italy too!

Anonymous said...

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