30 July 2009

Multifaced Me and Contradictions.

“Sandeep, du bist wahnsinnig” – she says that to me - often. It means “Sandeep, you are crazy”. She also says “du bist lustig”, which means “You are funny”. This is a friend from Poland.

Another friend says that I am very clever, intelligent and smart. :)

Someone else says that I am a little nerdy, still a cool guy. :D

There is someone else who thinks I am a very helpful person who would be there when any kind of help is needed. Wow! :P

A person who spreads positive ideas/emotions, a positive person – yet another comment – hence the name of this blog. emotions

Someone opined that I am a person with a heart made of stone – an emotionless person. Hence the name of my Malayalam blog.

And the latest comment I heard is – I am the second most emotional person she has ever met. Of course, this comment made me smile and think simultaneously.

The strange thing is that the last two opinions - ‘stone hearted’ and ‘emotional’ person – contradict* each other. And apparently, these comments come from two people who know me well.

So, what am I actually? A real fake? ;)
Multifaced isn’t it? :) (Everyone has many faces)

One cannot show emotions to everyone, especially in a world in which being emotional is seen as a weakness ;) … Can I tell others that I cry while watching films? (well, I just did say that. Didn’t I?)

It’s been running in my mind for the past few days that, when someone crosses a threshold, ‘the circle of trust’ as said in “Meet the parents”, that person gets to see you in a different light. And it takes a little while before that person’s eyes get used to the new light.

Naturally, I haven’t heard about any bad face of mine [no diplomatic person would want to say that to me. :)] except from two dear fellows that I am an idiot/&^&^%/%$@#^! ;)

Signing off, Sands.

* – Not really.

PS: I need to slow down with blogging. Three posts in a week?

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