31 January 2010

Island Express

  • Had a very proud moment – when someone tapped my shoulder as I was out yesterday and told me that I am one of the best tutors/teachers he’s had in the uni.

  • Had a very funny moment – when someone said “It’s not you… it’s me” to me – I have heard that only in films (lover saying to lover). It was funny to have such a filmy situation in life. Of course, the situation was ‘romance’ related, but definitely not a break-up or heart-breaking event. :)

  • Had a “Wow, I’m getting old” moment - Having 20+ year old memories… I remember, not understanding the significance of the fall of USSR, Berlin Wall – as a 7 year old. Unbelievably enough – I remember the day IndiraG died. Many of the people I know weren’t even born then.

  • Had many cinematic situations in life – too many of them to describe.

  • Had an “Am I really nerdy” moment – when I was standing in the dance class and when the teacher said about walking in circle and choosing a partner, I thought about Josephus problem.

  • Had another “Am I nerdy” moment – when I was trying to picture an N-dimensional space related question, while watching a TV program, which was trying to make fun of it all.

  • Having “Why am I so happy” moments – especially while listening to songs. And almost all hours when I am awake.

  • Having “What is wrong with me” moments – when I find snow and winter so cool, but not cold; when I am with German friends who are shivering in the cold and I am just normal.

  • Had moments of laughter – when different people said that I look like Alan_Davies, Prithvi_Raj (in Island Express), Zakir_Hussain, a famour Opera Singer, or someone from Spain/Latin-america – all because of my curly/spiral hair.

Additional: Falling in love is a very complicated and lovely thing to happen, a very frustratingly sweet thing to happen.

My readers may get a bit curious… and I’ll let you stay curious. Or you may very well give wings and freedom to your imagination.

Signing off, Sands.


Anonymous said...

Wings and freedom sound a lot more fun, dont they?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Hmm... you could say that since you don't have to imagine.. You know it all already. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one... (I love bullets)

And yes.. really curious.. Break it soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice post...it is really nice waiting for something with curiosity.. ;)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...




:) Curiosity kills :)

sindhu said...

wow...there is definetly something sweet in the air...something that makes someone listen to songs like that thulli thulli mazha...