20 June 2006

The way to chicken pox.

I started having fever and these blisters on my body from last thursday onwards. It was on saturday it was confirmed to be chicken pox. Even though I went to the hospital on thursday night itself, they couldnt diagnose this disease.

They took my temperature, blood pressure. They even did and ECG on me. (I'll put the photos later). Almost 6 syringe blood they took for testing. Still they couldnt see this disease!! idiots.

Anyway after I knew I am having chicken pox, I am staying all day at home. These blisters are a little irritating. I have a decent throat pain and I feel very tired all the time.

Watched a couple of movies, started reading sidhartha. Have lot of plans but these tired feeling.. makes me a man of non-enthu!!

Enough of complains and bad things. Will try to write nice things in next post.

Yes... forgot one thing. How it feels when you get help from a very unexpected source? It happened to me. How it feels when you get looooooooooot more care than you expected from someone? This also happened to me and still happening.

An abrupt stop.
- Sands.


Anonymous said...

take care
Looks like germans need some lesson or two from us in medicine..
well who is the unxpcted src ??

Vimal said...


These guys don't know about chicken pox. One guys from infy who is currently onsite contracted it. He visited around 5 to 6 doctors to find one who could prescribe any medication and that too after referring some books on this.

All the best buddy :)

lakshmi said...

unexpected source..who would have called her that..or is it somebody else..now am curious.
get well soon btw..
unless u soo love the 'being taken care of' thing that u wanna be ill for a lil longer

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