13 June 2006

A Fall (athava oru veezhcha)

This post was intended to be the details of Brussel's trip. But who knew I will fall from the bike today morning?

Thought - would be nice to record it here. I was coming from home today morning. The weather was nice, there was a nice breeze and lot of flowers on the way. I was thinking about life being so good. Coming to college itself is like an excursion. I like being at college also. I was pedalling quite fast. There was about some 500 metres more to the department. Had to take a turn (the angle made my the turn was about 110-120 degrees). I hadnt noticed the gravel there before, and hence I didnt reduce the speed much.

Just started to turn, I was at some 25km/hr speed, I knew I am falling and also that nothing could be done :) Anyway I didnt have to think much - everything happened very fast. Fell in the usual way one falls from bike [ actually just before touching the ground, you jump away :) ]. On my right palm, I have some skin gone - a small circle of half a centimetre radius, the skin was hanging when I got up from ground and I just removed it. There are some small small dots of skinless parts too on the right palm. Similarly a little skin from left palm also - oops! I couldnt remove it because it was already gone :)

Then was the fun.. My jeans which was a crodroy model had got very nice holes at the left knee. I could see the holes and feel the pain at my knee. I raised the jeans and saw a very nice wound there. Some skin was gone and there were two long cuts by some sharp edge (should have been the stones).

Luckily, the bike was fine except for the chain got displaced. (Bike is not actually mine). I just took a small stick and repaired the chain (the first stick i took had a couple of thorns of which hurt me and I went for another good stick). Again cycled to the department. Once I reached, cleaned the wounds, they were bleeding slightly, folded the jean till above my knee. Then I took a coffee with no sugar - you know why. And started with my days work.

So that's it.
- Sands

FootNote 1: Yesterday I got the odometer for the bike. So, I can see the speed at which I am pedalling. I had been to a speed of 45.8 km/hr yesterday. So this is how I knew the speed was 25km/hr when I was falling.

FootNote 2: I donno whether there is any "communist pacha" here to apply on the wounds. Will be good if I can get any.

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Anonymous said...

gladdened me!!
how do u mange to put forth all ur feats with so much of artifice...