2 June 2006

Long time no see

It's been a long time since I had been here for the last time. And now I have just 28 minutes for what I want to write.

Why many people (includes me) are not able to be really systematic? How many of you dont look into any extra-curricular things during your working hours? Forget the postponable but important mails you send during office hours. Other than that, we tend to do many other useless things so that to make our time useless.

-- this part was removed after second thought -- REASON -> M$ neednt come in all my posts - it becomes boring. --

(There is a small group of my bachelor classmates - we ourselves call proudly "THE BVB GANG") The members of gang might remember that a couple of months ago I had raised this question of being efficient at office. I am trying from such a long time to correct myself in this wastage of office hours. I havent seen any success yet!! :(

Anyway.. this topic now comes as a result of my last night conversation with balaji and my today's work (almost nothing i did except for the discussion with peter). Feeling so damn lazy. Was browsing for sometime, was doing mostly useless thing. I am not feeling well - "something missing in my heart" kind of feeling. May be it's because of the slight headache. Or its because of the depression caused by not seeing the sun for almost a week.

I am thinking whether to write about the decision I made to be like my colleagues.
At office, they just do the real work. And the whole of the evening is free for anything they want. I should try that. I dont have any clue about being successful about it. (Did you notice? - I wrote what I was confused to write or not)

So much for it.

- Took my swimming hall card yesterday. Will be starting swimming... either today or tomorrow.
- They took away my insurance, since I havent given the student ID card.
- Will get out of office in another 10 minutes.

Some people are quite creative in blogging, my blogging almost sucks. I know why. Because.. those blogs they do a reading after they write .. then do a re-reading and an editing .. and beautification process. And at the end it is really polished. Being a man with no such patience and not desperate to see my readers say WOW about my blog, I dont do that. That's it.

So much for this also.

It's again a loooooong time since I heard from Karthik and Vimal. If possible, should talk to them over weekend. All my enthu has gone .. .after I went to the weather forecast page!!

Tail Piece: All the thoughts are completely juggled up in my mind and came out with no order. Please forgive me.

- Sands.

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Anonymous said...

Net is still down. Pinne your problem is that you are not doing anything.
Same here :(.
Get out of that rut.