10 July 2006

Happy now

For some reason I am happy now.

One factor of being happy is that someone is reading my blog and commenting. I am happy about it. :) [see the previous blog.] Am I acting too childlike?

Somebody for whom I have high regards, told me to write small blogs. So, I decided to make this blog (just this only) a small one. ;)

signing off, Sands.


lakshmi said...

hey, came after a long time.
And wasn't a mite disappointed.
Keep writing :D

Dinil said...

Thanks da :)

By the way, I heard that our Govt. is going to block entire blogger.com domain since some of the users `misused' their freedom !

Move to LJ ;).
(if the Govt. is going to take such a step, LJ too won't remain open for long !)

Dinil said...

Good news :).