25 July 2006

Met some of them

Had lunch with Alexander Kruppa. Who is this Alex? He is the world rank 3 in factorisation. Using elliptic curve methods, he is number one. These are not the things of interest. The real thing is, he is from Technical University Munich, where he works in chair 14 (LEA) with Prof. Mayr, and his advisor is Hanjo Tauebig. I should be surprised, right? I am at the same chair working with the same professor and Hanjo sits in the next room. Isn't it nice? But sad that I didn't know him before.

Was talking for sometime. What I understand in that there are quite a number of students here who are not able to follow many of the talks. We haven't had any formal education in Mathematics, we are trying to learn it for ourselves, we have jumped in, now learning to swim is absolutely essential to survive. This is true with atleast me, Christoff from Brussels, Alex and also the associate professor from Lebanon who is now trapped in Germany because Beirut airport is closed. When he told me that he is slowly understanding algebraic geometry, I couldn't believe my ears. There is no wonder I am struggling to understand algebraic geometry. A person like him is understanding it now. So, I also will take some time. The less I take the better for me. Every beginning is small which later grows to something big. (I hear him saying - destined to do great things)
It's time for the next lecture, let me go. I just thought of scribbling this into notepad but now decided to post it to blog. So that I don't have to worry where I saved it and search for it. Will be easy to revisit at a later time and remind myself about my own status.

- sands.
Tail Piece: He made a bold and brave decision. I am so happy for him. Have decided to put a testimonial for him in orkut. Let me get back to my room in Munich.


Anonymous said...

nothing bold or brave..just happened to be that way. After all , its my CHOICE and only i can make my choice :)......

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

you should have given stress to MY rather than to CHOICE.

- sands.

Anonymous said...

good one :)..wrong stress