4 July 2006

Getting frustrated by a bath in DIRT

This post, as far as I think now, is going to be a long one. Generally, I think about the readers at times, when I write. But doing that will make me cancel this post.

Spoiler Warning : I am going to narrate something which pissed me off very well and I am going to blame the person who was behind it. Sorry dude, cant help it. (At the end, you have my usual blah blah blah about improving myself and doing lot of things and a little general knowledge)

Character #1 : Balaji
Character #2 : Rajyalakshmi alias Ammu
Character #3 : Sandeep (Myself)

From April beginning, I am here in Deutschland (Germany) and during those first days I had started looking for a room for me. It was then, character #1 got the permission to go to EPFL to do his Master Thesis on Quantum Computation/Coding. So, after talking to him, I made sure that once he leaves, I can inherit his room and for that reason, I stopped my room-hunt.

It was not in his control to get the Visa. It took about 1.5 - 2 months to get his visa ready. Ten days back, which was a Friday, he got the information that visa is ready and could be collected on Monday. According to what he had told, I expected him to leave by Wednessday. Finally, it was on Saturday he left.

So the room came to my posession. The room was a real mess. I, along with character #2, started cleaning up the room from one corner. The room is definitely less than 20 sq. metre. There is no exaggeration if I say it took 4-5 hours for two persons to get the room to a good shape. It was full of dust everywhere. The garbage lying around a corner was ages old. Since both of us are allergic to dust, now we are enjoying the pleasures of cold. This is my story of frustration. Cleaning a room for 4-5 hours and getting cold, when you really should have gotten a clean room was enough to get me pissed off. Remember, he had one week's time before he left.
Now, I am cooled down a bit. But the cold is at its peak and I am sneezing big time.

Anyway, I am not angry with Balaji and all. Was pissed of at that time.

Next : World Cup

Germany has come upto semi-finals. I am very happy. I hope they will be the champions. Somehow, I have this love for Germany. My friend told this as reading from my mind - "Germany is our second motherland". True, it feels like that.

Peculiar News - One of my friends fell sick when his favorite team lost in the quarter-finals. :)
He's fine now.

Next : Organize

I am trying to get myself organized better - like having a better style of living, having more predictable schedules. If somebody asks me - "what is your plan for next week this day, this time?". I should know about my plans and should act accordingly.

Good News - I am very very slowly getting organised myself. Made my plans for the next quarter. (I struggled for this while in industry)

Next : Internet history (I dugg it up from digg)

Did you know there is this site where you can find out the registration details and history of websites? http://whois.domaintools.com/ is the one which gives details. For example, to get the details of blogger.com, try http://whois.domaintools.com/blogger.com. It seems nordu.net (1984) and Symbolics.com (1985) are the oldest web-sites still alive.

End of entry.

PS: It's high time I should learn German properly.

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Anonymous said...

its over dude..germany is out :)..... i support portugal all the way .......HEy!!!!

Endhoru patriotism.....