8 July 2006

Life's Cool

Was never through this much of tension in my life. Mind is going through real stress-test. Still I am okay. That's why I say Life's Cool.

Wanted to talk to somebody. Vimal/Karthik/Hiran were the first options but was lucky to get chechi online today.

How are the problems going to end? How long it will take? What will be the aftermath of all this? How long it will last? What will I gain? What will I lose? Who all will lose/gain?

Think a lot dude... Think a lot. Do all the best you can. Why do I feel like talking to Guru now?

- Sands.


Anonymous said...

doesnt seem so.. the title is misfit ???

Anonymous said...

here ...comes an end to all the problems. very much unexpected!
take care.