16 September 2006

A call after two years and a five year old incident

I slept at 7 in the morning after a good night-out (Was watching Indiana Jones). Somebody called me up at 11, for some not so important matter and I decided not to continue my sleep. I went to have my tea, today I confirmed that my tea cup is leaking. The good thing is that it leaks only one drop. Once that drop drips, it won’t leak anymore. So, earlier I was confused whether it really leaks or I just felt that. Anyway, today after my proper observation in half sleep, I cried out "Eureka…!!". :)

Back in my room, I got another call. I had to hear just "Hey Machaa" and I recognized the caller. It was Nike, and we were talking after two long years. I am sure; I have not talked with him after I left IIT on Aug-31 2004. It felt very good talking with him after a long time. Tomorrow he is going back to India. I would have gone to meet him if I had not been to Brussels a few months ago. I should meet all/most of my MTech friends when I go home. This visit to India is going to be a hectic one.

He was one of those persons who played a good role in my placement. That night, he and Vamsi came to TCS-lab (Theoretical Computer Science Lab) and asked me not to go home that weekend - "M$ is coming for placement". I was not sure whether I should attend the interview. But after that conversation, I decided to go for it - Just for experience and the experience was good :)

Changing the topic..... – Topic changed to five year old incident.

Here, in the public buses, there are two kinds of seats - One is the normal seat which is sufficient for a single person, and the other one is a little wider. The wider seat is not enough for two, but more than enough for one. Two persons can sit, in case they are ready to adjust.

When I travel, I prefer to sit in this wide seat. If the bus is crowded, I move towards one side of the seat so as to make room for one more person. What I have observed is, most of the times girls come and sit there. Say 90% - this surprises me!! I am not going to write what I think the reasons could be. But, whenever a girl comes and sits, it reminds me of something.

During my bachelors, we used to take the college bus from the stop near Shakthan-Thampuran Market. Since that was the first or second stop, the bus would be empty and we could sit wherever we wanted. I always had Hiran or Joby with me during the journey. Every time, we took the 5th or 6th row from the front-door. If we take the rows in front of it, we would be surrounded by girls - which Hiran/Joby did not want. If we take the rows at the back, there won’t be any girls around - which I did not want. If I, Hiran and Joby - all three were there, we sat together and talked. If only one of them was there, I made him sit in the window seat; I would sit in the middle seat and keep my bag in the aisle seat.

There were stops from where the bus got really crowded. From those stops, girls would get into the bus and would be looking for seat. The moment a girl finds my bag on the seat I would remove it and make the seat free. She would come and take the seat and I would be happy to have a girl sitting next to me and to have some small talks :)

This technique was not flawless. Sometimes some boys would come and take the seat if there weren't any seats free in the back. Some other times, some boys of my acquaintance would come and take the seat so that he can have a jolly-trip talking to me :(. I only knew how bad it felt to lose the opportunity of flirting.

But now, when a male or female whoever comes and sits, it doesn't matter. Times have changed - me too.

Signing off, Sands.


Anonymous said...

"But now, when a male or female whoever comes and sits, it doesn't matter. Times have changed - me too" - and what is that "change" :-) ? Is it that you have become "too old" to be interested in girls or is it that you have already found the girl of your interest that you dont care about other gals :-) ?


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Both reasons are wrong. I am very much interested in girls but a girl sitting next to me has ceased to have any impact on me. Mainly, my German is bad - and I dont want any "muthu-gau" (Thenmavin Kombathu) to happen.