26 September 2006

Forced to wear Bermuda (atleast)

Two-three months back, I had written about the problems I faced while moving in to the new room. I had cleaned it up well and had changed it to a small heaven. My neighbor and I were having a common washroom. So, keeping that clean was not just my job and it was not always at its best. But he went back to France two months back and from that time onwards, I am really in heaven. I have the common place only for me, the washroom only for me. For a small rent (260 Euro) I was enjoying so much of space.

One month back, a couple came to stay in the new building opposite to my room. Since back side of my room is completely glass, they could see me always (if I have not put the curtain). But they have very small window and their rooms are dark - so they don't have the same problem. And above all, that lady comes and stands at the balcony to smoke - at least 10 times a day. So I was forced to wear at least my Bermuda when I am in my room. (So, now you know what I was used to wear oterwise). Or I should always keep the curtains down! I loved physical freedom and I preferred to keep the curtains down than wearing Bermuda ;)

Yesterday, came this new person for the room which was empty. It's a girl. In my last entry, I wrote about my happiness whenever I got a girl as my companion in bus. But the case was different when I travelled in train. (a small diversion from the topic)

In train, at times you get RAC ticket and you have to share your berth with somebody. If, unfortunately that person turns out to be a lady, you lose your piece of mind. You cannot sleep, you cannot stretch yourself. You never know - while sleeping you are going to touch forbidden areas and later becoming a victim of women-abuse-case. (Poor Mr. Joseph in Kerala. I don't believe that he did anything nasty in that flight). So, I never wanted a female to share my berth. For that matter, I never wanted RAC ticket itself. ;)

Now, I am having the same problem. When the room and everything was completely in my custody, I was free. Day or night, I used go out of my room without caring about my clothes, I used go with bare minimum clothes or even naked at times. It wont work anymore! I have to have at least my Bermuda to get out of my room. And there is no curtain to be drawn to help me this time.

I am being attacked from both the sides. From the front side of my room and also from back side. Isn't it a bad thing to happen?

To the question - "Am I ashamed of being partially nude in front of a girl?". To an extent, my answer is "No, I am not". But, I think this comes under the "decency" stuff. I am a decent guy - in thoughts and in deeds. I have to continue that way.

It was a fast blog. Haven't done proof-reading. Signing off, Sands.

PS: The new girl is nice, good looking, talks to me quite a bit. Even came to my room to use my laptop. So, the next door girl is not completely a curse ;)


Anonymous said...

Your 'PS' talks about your decent thoughts...
Wish you a good time with your new neighbour!

Karthikeyan said...

@ammu rotfl


same case here..but me not feeling ashamed at all.... btw how come u survive the cold by being naked ???

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

you caught me there. Still i dont think my thoughts have crossed the borders of in/decency.

i hope my thoughts would never cross that limit ;)

and as a matter of fact, wearing bermuda is to keep her in her limits of decency ;)

Vimal said...

Even came to my room to use my "laptop". So, the next door girl is not completely a curse.

Laptop as in top of you lap eh?
Snicker snicker :)

I am such a bad character.

Anonymous said...

@vimal - good one, rofl =))

Anonymous said...

well, the last one was me, gopu :))