1 September 2006

Meeting with Professor and Fundamental Algorithms

1.MOM - Minutes of Meeting

I had a meeting with my professor today morning. It was fine; we decided on a couple more appointments in a series to have more technical discussions. In another way, I am slightly screwed. He wants me to focus on Groebner basis (GB) now; where I was concentrating on HECC the past 2-3 months. I have to brush up the whole GB stuff in 6 days! I find it to be thrilling :) Isn't it nice to slog through? I sometimes like that.

2.Fundamental Algorithms

I asked him about my next semester teaching job. After consulting with Swen, I think, the chances are more that I will be giving the course "Fundamental Algorithms". This is not yet decided. Otherwise, I will be the teaching assistant for one of the other courses of which all are great. I've voted for Randomized Algos. (There is a "the name sounds good" incident - First day at IIT, one classmate of mine asked me about the courses I would take. I had said Randomized Algorithms as one option. He asked why. My reason was "the name sounds good". What a reason for taking a course!!)

Anyway, the reasons are different now. I will be on cloud nine, if I get "Fundamental Algorithms". I will do a terrific job on that.

3.Update on insurance.

Finally, a AOK (insurance firm) lady has agreed to give me insurance - without needing student Id for the time being. I hope to get my student Id in another 2-3 months. So it will be fine.

Signing off, Sands.

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joyofnothing said...

u forgot the first question which i asked.
Me: " do you know anything in randomized algorithms ?"
you: " nope.. "
Me : " why then ? "
you : "because it sounds good "....