20 March 2007

Clean Whitewashed

Everything was normal till I went to bed last night at 2:45. I got up today morning to see the world as cleanly white washed. Let the picture talk.

When the temperature went a little up and reached 18, we were happy here. "Wow, the spring is here" - we all rejoiced. And now a sudden change of 18 degrees down to sub-zero!

The picture shows how it looks from my room window. Snowing hasn't stopped yet.

- topic change -

Last week, I was talking about some physics to one of my friends. Then he shared a joke with me. I just thought I'll scribble it here.

There was a talk given by a physicist. A mathematician and an engineer attended the talk. The topic was string theory and all those stuff in 10, 11 dimensions. After the talk..

Engg: Hey mathematician, did you follow the talk?

Math: Yeah, it was cool... wasn't it?

Engg: I didn't quite follow the 11 dimensional space. How do you imagine that?

Math: Oh... that's very simple. First you have to imagine an "n-dimensional" space. Once you do that, substitute "n" by 11. Then what you have is a 11-dimensional space.

Incidentally, I went for a talk yesterday. The talk was on polytopes and related things. The talk was actually pathetic. But I liked the following part.

You first imagine a pyramid in 3 dimensional space. And imagine that the unit ball is inside it...
Once you do that, things are easy. Just move this object to 15-dimensional space. You can see the result we are talking about.

It sounded really funny to me. And the good/bad part is that, even though not completely, I could follow this part of the talk.

that's all for now.

Signing off, Sands.


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Greek and Latin :((
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