18 March 2007

God is NUDE (only in Kerala)

Yes, the post is based on Mr. Balan's finding that God doesn't have dress/cloth. I am not very much interested in politics. When it comes to Kerala politics, it's different.

Not because Kerala is my land. The reason is that Kerala politics is really entertaining. In every two weeks, you can find a new comment from any political leader which turns out to be a huge scandal. Finally when the scandal is at it's peak and all news papers are writing about it left-right, some other person would comment on something else and the focus changes!

There was no politician as good as E K Nayanar to give out funny quotes in regular intervals. He was the best at it. I think nobody would ever come to his level. (and the best part is, he always made such comments which were really true - and every one protested)

So, what is the issue now? This person Balan said that Gods are nude and there should be a ruling about it in the legislative assembly. I don't know why on earth he needs a ruling on that? (BTW, what exactly is meant by a ruling in the assembly?)

The opposition was just waiting for this. They protested. Finally the comment was removed from the records. Still the opposition made a walk-out. Can you imagine? It's not a silly place to do these kind of things.

Still it happens in Kerala. And my belief is that these kind of friendly-funny-fights would happen only in Kerala.

I think, for a person's retired life, Kerala is the best place to live. Not because it's God's own country. The reason is that it's the largest city in the world with all kind of entertainments like this (a city about 800kms long and 100kms wide - okay, don't fight on the length and width)

If you know Malayalam, go settle there in Kerala for your retired life. You'll never regret. I don't know what would happen in another 40 years, when I retire. I guess it would only improve :)

The blog was triggered by an article in Keralakaumudi. Now I shall translate a small paragraph from the article. I don't think I am violating any copyright here. Anyway I am giving them publicity.

The author is comparing WB and Kerala. He says that the latest developments in WB are really too bad ... and all blah blah. Finally he comes to Kerala side.

Kerala has such a flawless system so that no such crisis will happen. Five years of rule, then five years of revolution. Again five years of rule. It goes just like that without getting bored. Not only that, the energy for revolution wont get depleted too. This is a mechanism similar to recharging of battery. Five years of anti-people rule, even if the enthusiasm for revolution is gone, the next five years of being opposition would recharge it.

There are many ways of public protest to recharge it. Even if these ways are not used, the ruling party would create enough opportunities to revolt.

Another advantage is that you wouldn't have to stay the same all the time to the monopolies.

The first five years you can invite coca-cola and make them start their production-plant. Then in the next five years, you can close the plant with all kinds of strikes.

Similarly, you can bring ADB and give them all respect and sweet reception. And after five years when you change the side you can beat them up and make them run away.

You see, these things are not possible in WB. That is the problem with WB. If it were Kerala, we could have initially protested against the monopolies and finally we could have got them what they wanted - without hurting anyone. ;)

I haven't done enough justice to the article. My translation sucks. Still it was so funny and so true that I couldn't avoid writing it down.

This Kerala-model is super good and that's why Kerala is different. :)
(What would happen in the future is a unknown though)

Signing off, Sands.



Anonymous said...

do let me know what happened after that...
God is nude or not ? :P

-- who else will comment first ?

Anonymous said...

i thought I shuld leave my name..
these days one can never be sure of anythin in life :D..
ur blog is visited by so many ppl
..... :D
so that comment was left by me

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

we comment each other religiously!!

- sands.

Anonymous said...

this comment has been made by someone in haste and hence been withdrawn. So why should there be more debates on this topic.

I am not an ardent supporter of the person/persons who makes such comments.

But what happens in Kerala these days that existing controversies are somehow settled by creating more and more new ones so that the newborn ones get precendence and others trickly down slowly into oblivion.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


read the blog... if you read the blog, you'll know that I wasn't debating..

I was just reposting that.. and also that I like these kind of stuff.

also, thanks for giving the summary of the post as your last line..

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Lini said...

Hi Sands,

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