23 March 2007

Love is .... how should I say it?

It is utter stupidity to commit to someone if you are not sure when will you be ready to get married. It will be more stupid if you think you'll get married only after 5 years. And this promise of "I will be sincere" is almost impossible if the lover is going to be at a far distant place.. (different timezone)
- unless you live with a closed heart.

This is something which I witnessed today morning.

This guy came to me last night, with a thought that the girl was playing around with his feelings. I told him to stop giving too much importance to it. If at all she is playing, it is because he let's her to play with it.

I asked him to stop that...

Then at midnight, she starts talking with him. Slowly slowly this guy changes his attitude... finally he thinks, "after all she is promising me that she'll be sincere to me, then shouldn't I be giving that promise back?"

He promises... not because he wants to... because he's too nice a guy! He's not able to make choices here. He's not able to decide, he's not able to see what he wants.

Let him learn from his experiences!!

I cant write more.. I am tied!

Signing off, Sands.



Nariyal Chutney said...

Do I know you ? :) . Yesterday night....Hmmm . Ask the guy to use Ladder Theory if it is not me :P.

Joy-of-nothing said...

k.... let him learn...
thats the best teacher

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

I don't think we know each other. Ladder theory wouldn't help him much. He is having a limerance as far as I can understand

he didn't learn anything from the experiences till now. I hope he does it in future.