28 March 2007

C'est la vie - So ist das Leben

"So is the life", says the title - first in French, then in German. Wow!! I am a linguist :)

I find myself to be a good host. Gives warm welcome, cold drinks and tasty food and good entertainment. Today I had guests. It's getting confirmed over and over that I am a good cook. When people appreciate my food every time, it's not just fluke.

It should be the first time, I cut myself. I was hurrying to cut tomato and sliced my finger. After a long time, I tasted blood. I am no vampire, but I like the taste of my blood. The strong thick taste of blood. I have told this to a couple of my friends and they are like "yuck!". Still facts are facts, the taste of blood is good. (I've had only mine.... also it doesn't mean that I like to have it or anything. Just when I get a cut in my hand, I just keep the body part in my mouth.. why do they do it in movies? No clue..!!) It's a small wound and would not leave any scars [hint hint*]

Just when my guests came in and we were about to dine, the person whom I wanted not to come... he too came! I was not sure how to respond. I had deliberately avoided him for the dinner. In the past 2.5 years we've had many dinners together.. but there wasn't even a single one from his side. He never bothered to ask me to join him for dinner or anything. Is this a good enough reason to avoid him? There are a couple more reasons. Not worth explaining.. here...

Anyway he came to my room, I am the host, I have to behave like one. I asked him too to join for dinner. My mind was a little agitated at that time. Now it's cooled down. So ist das Leben.

I want to write more about some of my thoughts. May be they aren't enough ripe. Shall wait till thoughts are ready.

Am I being a too frequent blogger? May be I should reduce a little.

That's it. Have to do some German HW.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: There is no PS.



Joy-of-nothing said...

so Mr.Dracula

cook mallu vfm meals for me

Typist | എഴുത്തുകാരി said...

to approve you as a 'good cook', we have to taste the food. For that there are only two ways :-
(1) come to Germany (ready to come, if you can give the Visa) (2) wait until you return to Kerala.


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