16 April 2007

Being useful for the first time

It definitely was a shocking news to hear about the shooting incident in Virginia Tech - "A US shooting rampage at the Virginia Tech university has left 33 people, including a suspected gunman, dead".

I do not want to comment on that incident. Just shocked! that's all.

The first thought came was whether my friend who's pursuing his PhD@VirginiaTech is safe or not. I did not have any contact number or anything. The best I could do was to go to Orkut. Yes, the same orkut I think was/is a bug. Yes, the same orkut which I regret for introducing to my sister. After all that useless thing finally became of some use. My friend had changed his orkut profile name to "I am safe", I just saw that and came back.

I have always shared the feeling explained in this blog-entry (Orkut maniacs read it). But I am happy that it was after all not a complete wastage.

There had been a lot happening in life. Somehow wasn't in a mood to scribe it here. For eg:

  1. Marriage of my cousin sister - which would have taken about 2 hours to write. And would be full of fun too.

  2. Improvement of my German by leaps and bounds [PDF file] - This is a great news. Yesterday I could speak to someone - completely in German - just for 5 minutes though. The link points to my attempt to translate Ramayana to German.

  3. My small trip to Neuschwasnstein, pictures/album.

One more thing is that I am more or less sticking to the decision (the mother decision). I cannot claim that I am doing it 100% though :(.

Have taken the father of all decisions too. That's a pretty strong one that I am not sure what kind of tortures I'll have to endure to keep that.

So much for today. Signing off, Sands.

PS: Read all the details of the shocking news here.


Black is beautiful said...

happy for ur german skills..though no time to check ur ramayana

Dinil said...

I wanted to write about orkut, as there are much more evils than given in the link above - anyways, not now, sometime later.

Good that you know German now. I would like to learn French soon; but the course starts only in September.

Priya, if you are reading this - hi from me :)