1 April 2007

Facts are Facts

  1. I don't like parties.

  2. I hate parties where most of them get drunk and speak nonsense.

  3. When they start arguing on something and reach heights of nonsense and I cannot argue back(because they are insane). Listening to that crap without being able to protest... feels like I am being raped.

  4. Age does not give you maturity. It just comes. Some people never get matured.

  5. When you live alone, sometimes you'll be forced to be *formal* - I hate that.

  1. I am intelligent. Actually my IQ would be much above the average.

  2. I never had to face any problem in life - that keeps me sober a guy. Not aggressive and not at all hard working (or may be intelligence helped me to survive without putting much efforts - and that's my problem).

  3. I have to start working hard. Never have done that earlier!

  4. The eleventh hour has come.

Action is powerful than words. I am taking the way of actions - hence the post ends here without elaborating on my troubles.

Taken the "mother of all decisions" (courtesy - jon)

Signing off, Sands.



Anonymous said...

good god.. u have to stand by "mother of all decisions"....atb

-- njan

Joy-of-nothing said...

so whats the status of mother of all decisions

Joy-of-nothing said...

ok.. not blogging is mother of all decisions ?