21 April 2007

Digitalisation and many other changes

One month back I finished 25 years of life. When I turn back and look, I am satisfied and happy. I guess, I have done well till now, I do not have any regrets on anything.

When I think of the action which I consider to be one of the stupidest from me, it was persuading my father to get me a printer - while I was in 3rd semester of BTech. (hey, this 3rd sem of BTech is coming in this post too - I learned a lot then or what?). Finally, my father got me an HP Deskjet 640c. To be frank, that printer was not used by me properly - not even 100 pages I'd have printed with that! - and this is the stupidest one as far as I can think of.

Another thing should be my dare-devil driving. Both in bike and in car. The fact that I am still alive without having even a single accident - this is one of the wonders. I still get shudders when I think about my driving during those times. I am not bold enough to write some of the scariest incidents in this blog where my mother is a regular reader. Luckily, I am far better now. - my mother would vouch for it.

There were other things which I used to consider as stupid actions, but now I realise they were not.

Altogether, I was quite a nice person, quite successful till now.

Anyway, "jho ho gaya, so ho gaya", "past is past", "nadannathu nadannu" .. I have learned a lot also. Let me look forward.

Even though I have written it down a couple of times already, I want to write it again. I want to be more systematic and organised. Probably, from other people's point of view, I am one of the most organised one. They do not have even the faintest clue about what is Chaos!

Prioritization and time management are the key factors. I have not been very successful in these things till date. Trying to do a *lot* of things in a single go - that was the problem. I had never done things slowly. Whatever I've done till now were too easy for me. Now I am into something which is huge - really HUGE.

For the same reason, let me try some baby-step-giant-step methods. I just mean to say that I will starting slowly and then gain pace afterwards.

Another major change which I am going to make is 'digitalisation'. I am planning to move towards a paperless world of mine. There will be exceptions like - writing a letter to a friend etc. Otherwise, I do not want to have even a single piece of paper around me. Hey, no need to worry here - I will continue to write with my hand - just for the pleasure of it. Moving digital needs it's own perfection. Towards this end, I am doing everything in LaTeX and I am amzingly fast at this.

Finally, the most important thing - until I finish my PhD, I am going to eat math, drink math, think math and live life. For another 2-3 years, 5 days a week, I will be living in the library - yes, "Live in the Library". At the end of it, I'll come out as a pundit/guru.

That's pretty much about it.

An irrelevant thing: When I read blogs, even in a regularly visited blog, the first 2 paragraphs are enough for me to make up my mind - whether to continue or to leave the entry. And shockingly, I find that my blog falls in the 'leave it' category. Do people really read my blog? Or am I living in a fool's paradise?

Signing off, Sands.



Black is beautiful said...

i read it

Anonymous said...

I read it completely... But didnt find it much interesting.. But good..

Anonymous said...

hei man,
i am one of your regular blog visitor. I really get some motivation each time when i see your posts. so go ahead with blogging....

Black is beautiful said...

the last anon is priya kutti.. i m sure about it...

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

@anony 1

develop the ability to get a feel of the blog from the first 2-3 paragraphs.. you'll save a lot of time.

@anony 2

hey, you made my day :)
and I am happy my blog is of some use


as far as i can see... you are wrong here.

Anonymous said...

@ bib
This time too.. u went wrong.
That Anonymous is not me.

@ Sands

u r right.
Anyway, I'm similar to that anon.I too have the same feeling that he/she has. :)

Anonymous said...

hei man,
you all are right i am not priyakutty. but someone else from gec