25 July 2007

Inferiority Complex? Not really!

Lately, I am watching some documentaries about Cosmos/Wildlife/Human-mind etc. The documentaries are so good that they sometimes point out some of my prejudices. Especially about human-mind. They say most of the thoughts/fantasies of adult people are closely connected (or even root from) the child hood experiences.

I am not sure which experience of my childhood gives me this feeling! The people who know me wont believe it - that I have a complex. Actually I don't have one - expect for a small thing.

I always feel a kind of reverence towards those students from MIT/Stanford/Berkeley etc. I feel that they are way too smarter than me. May be they are, but why should I feel it when I meet them?

Earlier, I had the same problem with IIT-ians. When I went for Shaastra 2001 at IIT Madras, I had looked at the student who was our hostess - with an awe - "WOW she's an IIT-ian".

Later, when I went to IIT, I had similar feeling for all IIT-Bachelors. After a few months of life there, I knew, they too were normal humans with a few exceptions :) .

I guess, it might be that I could never make it to the above mentioned places. That makes me feel they are superb. But when I achieve it, things are cool. For eg. When I reached IIT, the respect factor faded away :).

So, some day when I reach Stanford (:?) this respect factor too would fade away! (WOW, what a dream!)

Actually, I was at this party last night - where I met a bachelor student from MIT (mathematics). This "awe" struck me on face and hence the post.

But there are some people, not from such great institutes ... whom I respect quite a lot. They have shown me the quality and hence I simply respect them and try to learn from them.

I should stop respecting just the "brand" without knowing the quality of the person.

My sister has started attending PCEs classes. I envy her now - for being not able to attend PCEs classes. :)

signing off,

PS1: I know a couple of IIT-Bachelors and Masters who are good for nothing.
PS2: I have seen this "awe" towards me from some other people when I was at IIT/M$. It used to make me laugh since I knew very well about me. ;)


vivek said...

Oh!! i have a similar problem and am trying for a long time to get rid of it :(

And the last such case happend yesterday, when i met an IIT Bachelor who completed his internship from the company..

Black is beautiful said...

watch good will hunting..
funny, its related with this post ...

Hiran said...

remember how people use to envy/hate `xxxgang' at gec thrissur? for those in the gang only knew how normal and common were the members.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

You'll soon get over it..

Coincidence? again?

Really? were they normal? ;)
yes da, i got the point.


Black is beautiful said...

I have stopped counting the coincidences in our life...