5 July 2007

A quick entry!

The wind is howling outside. I expect a heavy rain tonight. My dinner is being cooked in the kitchen. I just got tagged from some secret blog. A tag for which, I am supposed to write 8 things about myself.

Here I go.

  1. I am a man of pretty strong character. Normally, I am able to take things lightly. And when once in a while a volcano erupts inside me, hardly any sign of it comes out.

  2. I am an extrovert and hyperactive – this needs no explanation.

  3. I am an egotist. The number of "I"s in the post must explain it.

  4. I am a friend who believes "Friendship is a sweet responsibility, not an opportunity" – I am indeed a friend in need.

  5. I always (almost) do THE RIGHT THING. The right thing is decided logically.

  6. I am a good cook. Especially, Kerala cuisine.

  7. I am very much interested in Gadgets and new software. At present, I have an iPod, a Nokia N70, a Nokia 6131, an iMac 17'' which runs both OSX and Vista, an M$ wireless mouse, an M$ ergonomic keyboard, M$ office 2007 and Cygwin running in Vista …. The list goes. Crazy about LaTeX, Vim, Pstricks etc. I love M$.

  8. I am a good programmer and problem solver. Both technical and real-life problems. I always have someone coming to me with some problems of his.

I have lot more to write. Eight seems like a very small number! Anyway, my food is ready, let me go and eat.

I don't like tagging. So, I am not passing it over.

Signing off, Sands.



Black is beautiful said...

"im a good cook"... :D
Let me try that in october :)

Hiran said...

About `I always (almost) do THE RIGHT THING. The right thing is decided logically.' i.e. point number 5. You cannot take it as `the RIGHT THING for SELF'. Others should also feel that you are right. You don't need justification and you care a damn about what other feel. But it is a fact that one should consider if a action of self effects others.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


:) - nothing to say!

~nm said...

Hi! I don't know you neither do you know me. But I just happend to see your blog from some link.

Since I saw you have a Mac laptop, I couldnt resist asking you the experience. I've always used windows and now when I'm planning to buy a laptop for myself someone suggested to buy a MAC one instead of windows as its much better and reliable.

What says you for an all-time-windows-user-shifting-to-MAC ?

Anonymous said...


couldnt reply earlier.

my system is not a laptop. Its a desktop.

MAC is good even though I would not say it is much more reliable and all.

again, it depends on what all things you use in your system. why dont you ask a local expert?

i went for mac, mainly because I had a major discount as a student of Tech. Uni. Munich.