16 July 2007

Heat Kills

The temperature has gone up - to 34 degrees! The humidity is so less that it is all dry heat. Feels like being roasted.

There is no fan; even with a fan you get only HOT air. Getting a room cooler would be stupid - as it is not cheap and all the other months when the temperature is pleasant/cold, the cooler would take up a good deal of real-estate of my small room. What to do? - just suffer!

The main reason is that all buildings are made in such a way that it traps all the heat coming inside. Yes, during winter, that is very much needed. Hence, all houses are basically green houses.

I planned to sit in the library the whole day - as it is air-conditioned. Today they stopped the AC after 2 in the afternoon. WOW!

Anyway it's nice once in a while. We realize the importance of rain - even though when it rains for days we curse that too. Human - what a creature? Keeps complaining. ;)

There is something which should not be left unsaid - the girls. Oh boy, to fight the heat they are in their smallest clothes - simply awesome. Micromini? Spaghetti-strap? - whatever it is called! :). Really seducing.. and lovely. ;)

Today, Firefox has crashed at least 5 times. I haven't visited any crazy web pages. Why don't they make the browser stable?

I want to write a couple of *real* stuff. The heat in my room is irritating me. Let me get out of here. Going to the library again. Shall write later.

Signing off,



Anonymous said...

Here in Kerala, continuous heavy rains for the last two days, without any break. Karkkitakavum thudangi.


Black is beautiful said...

hope summer continues till I reach that damn place... u can infer y :)

Black is beautiful said...

just did a technical analysis on ur blog ... the number of posts per month is showing a decreasing trend...