4 July 2007

Something missing

The browsers we use need to have two more features in my opinion. It would be very useful for people who have many tabs open at the same time.

  1. Send/Email the addresses of a set of selected tabs (or all tabs).

  2. Scenario: You might be doing some research on something and have got a couple of useful links. You want to send these links to some friend/colleague. Copy paste is irritating.

  3. Close a set of selected tabs. (or at least, options like "Close all tabs to the right(left) side")

  4. Scenario: You research on something and get distracted by some site (eg: Wikipedia distracts me a lot). All the unnecessary distracting pages are on the right side. You cannot do a "close all" as you'll lose all the useful pages too.

    Sometimes you search a lot and finally get a couple of useful pages. You want to close all the pages on the left now.

I hope, these issues would be addressed when IE8 and FF3 come out. (or already available?)

Signing off, Sands.

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