26 August 2007

The Obvious

As anyone would guess, this year too I invited my friends and gave a small "sadhya"/feast. It all started like this.

Then with the hardwork of Rajee, Anup and Myself, we prepared Sambhar, Kalan, Olan and Aviyal. Of course, there was Payasam too :)

This was the last moment I remember, after that whatever were in the bowls ... simply disappeared. I am happy that all of them liked the event and food.

Not at all in a mood to write!

Signing off, Sands.



Hiran said...

onam aaghoshikyaan beer veno? pinne avide cheana okke evidenna oppiche?n

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

that's not beer!
it's called Radler ... a close relative of beer - with lemonade


Vimal said...


appo happy onam