16 August 2007

Payment for having fun!

When I went with the summer university students, I had wanted to write down my experiences. On second thoughts, I felt that it might be a little boring for my readers.

Now just after the farewell party, I cannot avoid writing. It was so good to be their tutor. I really had so much fun with them during the trips. Even today too... :)

Today at the hotel, as I went in, they all welcomed me so well, and the way they behaved to me literally flattered me. I didn't find any reason not to believe them when they said (praised) Karolin and I were the best tutors and they were expecting us for more trips.

Yes, of course there would be a good share of exaggeration and all - still even 10% of what they said ... is more than enough to make my day. Below is a picture of the whole group.

Now I am looking forward to the Indian students who will be here in another 15-20 days. I am going to be their "mentor" .... that scares the hell out of me. Indian students who come for sandwich program usually fight a lot (for girls) among themselves. Especially this time they have a girl among them... I hope, I would be able to keep peace. Also that they will be good to me as long as I am good to them. And I always will be. :)

There is a mallu (person from Kerala) too - I am a little worried about it. Because that would give others a chance to think that I treat him special - that is exactly what I don't want them to feel. I should be really fair.

Bitter experiences... : Even when I was really fair to all my classmates at GEC, many of them thought that I was an agent working for BVB-Gang! :(

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: I was paid a not-so-bad amount for tutoring these students. I was actually having loads of fun with them.

PS2: I am seriously thinking about a trip to Morocco - may be in a year.

PS3: [Album Here]


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