27 August 2007

The whining baby!

Warning : Contains bragging.

In my childhood, my parents never forced me to study. They left me free all the time. My father used to tell my cousins and all other children - that they should study English and Mathematics very well. All the other subjects came along automatically. Apparently, I was good in everything except Hindi and Social-sciences.

Today I was with these 3 PhD students from maths department. We had to do some calculations - very simple ones - a few multiplications, additions and divisions. I was surprised by the speed at which they did it. They were way too slow.

They all had to take paper and pencil to do the calculations, they took actually much longer time that I took. I know there is nothing to brag here - doing basic math with 4 digit numbers, in your mind - is one of the simplest things. But when I out-did 3 PhD maths students, who had done 4-5 years of formal math courses, it really surprised me. Made me happy too :).

So the basic math which my father used to emphasize - was actually very important. I knew it always :) ... [There was one more thing he used to tell - that one should always _DO_ math. Only by doing homework/exercises one can gain expertise. Since I was too lazy, I always pretended as if I haven't heard that part :) ]

And about the title : Yeah, that's me. Lately I had been going through quite a bit of tension. I have been cribbing all the time. Not that everything is smooth now.. just that I am getting used to things. Don't want to crib anymore. As the saying "A diamond is nothing but a piece of charcoal which did well under pressure" is true, all is good for me.

Actually, for the first time, I confessed my feelings/worries to a colleague. Then only I realized that he too is in the same boat! So, let me stop whining and have a jolly trip in the ocean of uncertainties, with my colleagues who share the boat of tension with me :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: News Update : German improvement by leaps and bounds. Had the first full-German conversation without any English word nor an unnecessary pause between words/sentences.

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