31 August 2007

Just Crap

  1. I don't like it when large major roads slowly turn into small streets. The big roads should come to an abrupt ending ... without losing their importance.

  2. I hate this : To popularize the film songs, the actors giving a lecture in the cassette. For eg. Mohanlal gives a lecture "Hello friends, I am Abdulla... His highness Abdulla". Then some crappy explanation to the song which is going to come. Sathyan Anthikkadu does the same for "Achuvinte Amma" - and it is 2:14 minutes. Why can't they simply play the songs?

  3. I feel uncomfortable in getting a call while traveling in the UBahn. That is time to relax - at least for me... I want to be away from the network.

  4. I am surprised, when in a crowd or something, when my hand hits some one.. or when some clash with somebody... or similar situations, I say "Entschuldigung" where as they say "Sorry". Well, I don't have any issues ... but always surprised about it. Actually, I should be saying English and they German... it always happens the other way around..

  5. I feel odd (later) when I stand and watch some HOT beauties I see on my way. Today there was this burning hot girl standing in front of the library ... while I was coming.. I just stood there for a moment.. - just to look at her. [ithoru rogamano doctor? ;) -- is this a disease, doctor?]

Happens to be the 10th post in August. No wonder people stopped commenting for my entries. The blog stinks probably -- with SO many posts.

Signing off, Sands


Black is beautiful said...

I differ...

1) you should hear muthal mariyathai intro for each and every song.. infact i havent heard that in the past 8 years.. but I did like it 8 years ago..

2) who asked u to take the call ? switch off the mobile

3) Good .. you are a man.. its not a disease :)... infact if you dont watch them, then its a disease :P

4) ... the last two lines suck...

Hiran said...

probably they realized that you didn't know german. ;)

Anonymous said...


regarding the songs, I specifically wrote "To popularize the film songs"... the one you are saying is not like that...... so it's more like a poem-in-prose.

And this idiotic explanation you have to listen all the time you want the song... who wants to hear the trailer of the movie - which is some 10 years old?

[And this happens mostly with Mohanlal]

The UBahn and phone call thing is not that simple as switching off the mobile :)

Then they should speak with me in English otherwise too.. Even when I say that I am not that good at German, they speak in German. Why only with "Sorry"?

and apparantly, "Entschuldigung" happens to be one of the rarest words every non-german know. And all know this too!