5 December 2007

Happy and Energetic

I feel quite happy today. I had a couple of night outs in the last few days. Quite a lot of stuff was done. Not just reading.. I did something.

Anyway, I have to draw energy from it. Should gain all the energy and turn it into lot more work.

By the way, Radio Dum Dum and Saarega are worth checking out - both are Online FMs. DumDum is playing in the background right now.

This coming month has half of the days holidays. I am going to make use of this time. There are a couple of classic CS books I have tried to read many times but never read properly/completely. I am planning to direct my attention towards them.

Today, in my class, I could explain them some cool stuff because I had read some of Concrete Mathematics. The same way, reading the classics would really help me out a lot.

So which are these books I want to read? -- mainly the books by Knuth -- Concrete Mathematics, All the three TAOCP (TAOCP - The Art Of Computer Programming)and the available fascicles of TAOCP-4, then the Book by Micheal Sipser.

I know, I cannot finish all these, but try my maximum -- that's it. Parallel to this, I want to read something else too - which is secret for the time being! Once I finish, I shall write here! :)

The other day, I was reading a little from the fascicles of TAOCP-4, I wouldn't claim that it was easy; but was not too difficult either! - That is giving me a little confidence!

That's all for now.
Signing off, Sands.

PS: Listen to Radiodumdum in the morning (IST), they play really good songs!

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