12 December 2007

Probably ...

I am excited. I think, I have a result - which could be ground-breaking! - It could be useless too - but that is what you call research. Anyway, I wish "If only it would be a solid result".

The result is still in theory -- but it looks really promising - Even my professor admits that.

It might not be that great too. All of that, now depends on the careful complexity analysis and also on the implementation/results.

Basically, it's going to keep me quite busy for sometime. at least, all of this year! The night outs are to continue.

Things to do

  1. Write down the algorithm - with all the details (write as in LaTeXing)
  2. Analyze the complexity (Document it too)
  3. Implement it
  4. Check for the results
  5. Be ready to take a bad news too

But I really hope to have a good result. Anyway waiting ... fingers crossed.

I'll let you people know ... as soon as I know.

Signing off, Sands.
Mood: Thrilled/Excited.


Anonymous said...

All the best.. :)


Anonymous said...

Your work will definitely yield result! Keep working hard!