3 December 2007

A very narrow escape ... from??

I feel really relieved! I escaped from a pretty bad accident - if I had acted some 30 seconds late... I might have been in a hostpital (?) now!

I was outside. Walking against the howling wind itself was pretty hard. Speaking over phone against the howling of it was even more difficult.

There was a stopped DHL van. I thought of escaping from the wind for a moment... at least till I finish the conversation. I went and stood behind the van.

But before settling down there, I thought of the possibilities -- what if the driver takes the van in reverse? There was no chance he would see me. First I thought that I'll move a little further from the van so that I'll have amble time to move in case the van comes towards me. At the same time the wind wont beat me either.

Why to take chance? I moved away. Within seconds the driver came from the front side of the van and took it reverse. It was pretty fast too!

I was watching him: He actually didn't look whether the road is empty - it is always empty; not many vehicles come there!

Just when I saw that, I knew how narrow my escape was. I went and checked the van. It's ground clearance was really very less - that means...!! (Yeah, the clearance would have mattered only if I had escaped from the wheels!)

What did I think first? "Thanks to my father - who always takes care of all the minute details and from whom I've got a little bit of such thinking".

Then I thought, I shouldn't tell my mother anything about this! - anyway she'd read all this very soon and I can expect a pretty long advice - to be careful! :)

Busy day...! Signing off, Sands.

PS: What is with men and God_Father? Last day EVEN I advised a girl with some dialogues from God_Father!

PS2: Windows live writer is definitely worth trying! (Actually I'd stick to it now onwards - whenever I am blogging from Windows - Good bye to blogger interface!)

PS3: I already found out a bug though! (I was always good at testing!)

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Anonymous said...

Nandi aarodu njan chollendu? No doubt. I Thank God.