29 December 2007

Still and Chill

Alps from my Window

It was a very clear day after so many gloomy-foggy days. Alps, which is 80 miles from Munich was visible from my room. StillAfter so many days, today even the temperature was high - zero degree Celsius.


It was not just clear, everything was very stand-still too. The smoke was just staying around the chimneys from where it came. (not very clear in the picture). Actually, the silence and stillness made it look like a horror movie!

My day was just ordinary - nothing special. I am not at all in a mood to blog now. Still, two words before I leave.



Reading - one of the best things one can do to make time worthwhile. When I was at IIT, just in the beginning of second year, we used to go to the lab in the morning, then come back in the evening - without doing anything productive at all. As I was talking about this, a friend (Guru) told me - "dude, just make it a habit to be in the lab. People like us will be soon bored of wasting time. Then we will start doing something creative".

Similarly, you cannot always read _only_the_best_ stuff. But let reading be a habit of yours. Every now and then you will be reading wonderful stuff - the stuff which counts.

By the way, last week, I found myself reading "Harry Potter". I enjoyed it really well. Harry Potter was something which I had always deliberately avoided - thinking that it would be a waste of time. It wasn't. After all, it would be named a classic-series for children by the time I have grand children. Wouldn't it look too bad if I have to tell my grandchildren that I haven't read it? ;)

I haven't finished the series though - that would take quite some time. Eight more days to go before university re-opens. Before that, I have more important things than Harry Potter.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Signing off, Sands.

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