7 February 2008

More Small == Smaller?

I typed "more small" in outlook mail and outlook showed it to be wrong grammar (green underline). I saw it and right-clicked to see what is the suggestion. The suggestion was "smaller". Oh yeah, "more small" is "smaller"!

Is is always so? Not really.

If I have many small things, and I add one more of such things, wouldn't it be "one more small"? or would the new thing be "one smaller" thing? Apparently, this was the case, and left it as "one more small thing". But I really appreciate the correction idea.

I have a couple of doubts about English. If the past-tense of

Grow is grew
Blow is blew
Throw is threw

And if most of the "*ow" words have past-tenses as "*ew", why is it not "Snew (Snow)", "Shew (Show)" etc.?

Nothing. I just think that a screw needs to be tightened. (This "*ew" thing was triggered by the "showed" in the first line of the post.)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: It has become so easy to blog now, with the Live-Writer! Just click, type and publish.


Anonymous said...

Maavil ninnu kittunathu 'Maanga' yaanenenkil,
Plavil ninnu kittunathu 'Planga' yano :)


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

ayirunnenkil nannayirunnu....

athraye njanum vicharichulloo....