22 February 2008

Jump into a lake

I was considering jumping-into-a-lake seriously, but now I know that it was a good decision - to not do it! Otherwise I would have missed the clash of the worlds. I searched for

Osman - The young Turkish politics student, my neighbor - a hardcore believer of Socialism.

Thomas - The young Italian engineering student, my neighbor - a decent believer (of ... yeah, God!)

I, Sandeep - A selfish atheist.

Richard Dawkins, Plato, Darwin, Aristotle, Ayn Rand. etc. all of them played their role in the clash of the worlds. It was wonderful! :). And as usual, the discussion reached no where - except for a list of recommended books for both sides!

It's too bad that I am moving out in a week's time.

I've been thinking about writing on these lines of atheism and selfishness - of course yes, I am reading books of Dawkins. The style in which he writes itself is good enough to read and on top of that, oh boy! he makes you think.

I'll write, sometime.
Now, I got to leave, Sands.

PS: There are two lovely (Indian) friends of mine here in Munich - who are really really really very good at eating my head! I am always good to them, so that they call me every-time they have the silliest/simplest trouble. And I do help them to my best level. But after today's conversation with one of them in the morning, I just wanted to go and jump into a lake. I had an almost similar feeling, after watching the wonderful movie - kichamani!


amp said...

:) thanks dude..but my brain would obviously be smaller:P

btw...lukin forward to reading u on atheism..esp..selfish atheism;))

Anonymous said...

Here is a link:


Read the comments ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry .. last post was by me - the url
was not rendered properly. Here it is:

ayn rand


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

oh yeah, your heart has compensated for the small brain ;)

i don't think that i'll ever write about selfish atheism - i am scared of GOD ;)

The link is good sir. It even points to some other resources!

I am not a 100% follower of Rand - but it's her who made me think. I do believe that she makes a lot of wonderful points though.

After every debate/discussion I decide not to do it anymore - and always fail! :(

by the way, did you read the book sir?

Anonymous said...

Not the whole book, but I have finished the famous `John Galt speech'! And the picture I get is that of a thorougly confused and misinformed Don Quixote tilting at Windmills!

Public/private enterprise, profit, property rights, mystics, human rights, "selfishness", A-or-Non-A, a few exciting references to India and Hindus and a severe "class divide" ... all in one chapter!

Wonder whether the author had thought about what would have happened had all the intellectually `lesser' beings went on strike :-)


The Lonely Backpacker said...

yesterday I thought about economic concept behind John galt's "gun on the head" theory..

Makes lot of sense..