21 February 2008

Feeling humbled...

I didn't expect a medical doctor in such a place. That too a lady - a real surprise!

There is a small FreeBSD activists' group here in Munich and I had been there today. The person who organized it was this lady who is a medical doctor by profession - but now working as a sys-admin!

The whole team was quite impressive - the things they spoke were mostly out of my jargon-horizon. It's really a long time since I had this kind of awe for a group of people. There were mini-talks on Plan9 and XNest! Thai Food

A few days back I heard somewhere - "if you want to feel humbled, just have a look at a few images from HubbleSpace - to know how small we (earth-ians) are". After meeting this tech-gurus, I already feel humbled!

Nothing else happened; I was quiet, most of the time.  

Signing off, Sandeep.

PS1: It was in a Thai restaurant, the food (knusprige Ente) was simply super. The waitress was sexy! I really liked her! I might go there again - just to see her! :)

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The Lonely Backpacker said...

absolutely love this post...

p.s. Haven't we had this Humbling experience many times at IIT ?